Leoton’s Move Goes Wrong

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 14/20

Level 9: 300-600 / Ante 100

On the AcQc10s7c turn, Michael Lech bet 7,500 and Nicolas Leoton called to see the Kh appear on the river. Leoton now fired 10,000 and Lech gave it some consideration before calling. Leoton showed Qd6s for a pair of queens, which ended up second best to the Ks5s of Lech – that built Lech’s stack to around 84,000 while Leoton had just 11,200 behind.

Gerhard Wassenaar is also on the move in the right direction. He check-raised the Kc3d2dQh turn from 2,500 to 5,000 and Matt Satterwhite called. After the 10h river, Wassenaar checked and his opponent bet 6,000. Wassenaar called rather quickly and claimed the pot with Kh7d for top pair, Satterwhite briefly showed his cards but turned them over before anything could be revealed.

Wassenaar joined the top of the counts on around 65,000, Satterwhite fell back to just 24,000.

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