Lech Wins Two of Last Three Hands – Busts Satterwhite

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 8/20

Level 11: 500-1,000 / Ante 100

The last three hands were announced and Michael Lech won the first one without much resistance, having previously taken a big pot off Franck Guillot-Tournus.

Then, in the third last hand of the night after the clock had been stopped, Matt Satterwhite raised to 4,000 and Lech called from one seat over, as did Gerhard Wassenaar in the big blind. The trio checked the 9h7c2s flop and the 8d turn was checked to Lech, who bet 4,000. Both opponents called and Wassenaar checked the 2h river.

Satterwhite announced “pot” and then joked he had been playing too much Omaha. The shove of the American was for around 22,000, and Lech eventually called, while Wassenaar reluctantly folded. Satterwhite tapped the table in defeat and tried to muck his cards when Lech showed 4c4s. His cards were exposed as part of the all in showdown, and Satterwhite had made a move with AhJs.

Lech opened the next hand to 3,500 and Wassenaar called, before the duo checked the Ad10c4d flop and 5c turn. Wassenar check-folded the 5s turn and  Lech said “If I win the last three hands of the day, it was a good night. If not, it was a bad one.”

Lech then limped in the last hand and Wassenaar did so on the button, Keith Hart in the small blind and Mario Eder in the big blind were also in to the flop of 9c6s2h. Eder bet 2,200 and just Lech called. The 4h turn went check, check, and Eder checked the 10s river. Lech’s bet of 12,000 didn’t work to make it three in a row, as Eder called with the 9h7c and was good against Lech’s AhKs.

Time to bag up for the night!

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