Lech Loses a Big One

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 10/20

Level 11: 500-1,000 / Ante 100

The last level of the night started with a bang. Not on table one, as Albert Lunenborg limped in with seven big blinds and Mario Eder filled up in the small blind. Matt Satterwhite checked the big blind and Eder’s bet on the 7d2c9hAs saw Lunenborg fold KsJs face up.

Soon after, Gerhard Wassenaar raised to 2,200 and Lunenborg shoved for 6,500, which forced a fold from Wassenaar.

Over to the other table. The flop showed Ah8h7c and Franck Guillot bet 3,000. Michael Lech simply put him all in and Guillot called for around 50,000 woth the Ad4d for top pair. Lech had 10h6h for a straight and flush draw, which bricked on the Kc turn and Ac river. Lech has around 95,000 remaining, while Guillot doubled to slightly more than that.

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