Lech Jams into Karran

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 2 18/84

Level 15: 1,200-2,400 / Ante 400

Mohan Karran scooped a pot against Albert Lunenborg to send the latter back into his usual 10-15 big blind zone and then bashed heads with Michael Lech. On the 9c8c2h flop, Lech checked out of the cutoff and Karran bet 22,400 on the button. Lech moved all in and Karran folded after some consideration, he has around 86,000 left while Lech moved up to 205,000, slowly but surely taking over control on his table.

Daivy Ramssany won a small pot against Darius Tamulevicius after check-calling a bet worth 13,000 on the Kd9s7s flop. Both then checked the Qs turn and 4s river, and the check behind by Tamulevicius proved to be golden, as Ramssany showed AhKs for the second nut flush. The Frenchman now has 148,000, Tamulevicius is not far behind with 140,000.

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