Lech Back on Track After Big Hero Call

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 2 23/84

Level 14: 1,000-2,000 / Ante 300

After an open-raise by Carlos Queiroz and a call by Ricardo Cheng-A-June, Michael Lech three-bet and both opponents called. Picking up the action on the Qs9d9c7c turn, Cheng-A-June fired 20,000 and Lech called, Queiroz folded. The 7s river completed the board and Cheng-A-June bet 25,000.

Lech counted his stack and had just over 32,000 behind, then eventually called after some consideration. Cheng-A-June showed AcKs and Lech scooped the pot with JdJs to boost his stack to 135,000, while his opponent has 155,000 left.

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