Lech Arrives and Puts on a Show

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 18/19

Level 5: 100-200 / Ante 25

Michael Lech strolled into the tournament area with a big smile on the face, sports shorts and a yellow Brazilian shirt. In the first hand, Otto Shtapler limped in and Lech raised to 1,000, which just Vincent Distribue called. On the Ad9d6d flop both players checked and Lech then called a bet worth 1,600 on the 8c turn. After the 2h river, Distribue bet another 2,500 and Lech called. Distribue turned over AhKc and chopped it with Lech’s AcKd.

One hand later, Nicolas Leoton raised to 550 and Shtapler called, before Lech three-bet to 1,650. Only Leoton called that before check-calling a bet worth 900 on the 9c3d2s flop. Leoton then check-raised from 2,000 to 6,000 on the Qc turn and picked a call by Lech before leading the 4d river for 12,000. Lech eventually folded, thinking he’d be up against ace-queen. leoton flashed QdQh for top set.

Despite losing that rather big pot right out of the bat, Lech added “Life is good today, happy to be here.” He comes off a 9th place at the PokerStars Championship in Panama and won a WSOP Circuit Ring here last November.

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