Lech and Guillot Find a Double

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1b 15/20

Level 8: 250-500 / Ante 50

After a raise to 1,500 by Brian Smith, Michael Lech got it in from the small blind and Smith called to take a big flip with AsQs. Lech had the 10s10h and plenty of cards to sweat on a flop pf Js9s9d. However, the Kd turn and 3h river bricked and Lech doubled for 20,250, essentially halving Smith’s stack.

Soon after, Franck Guillot got his short stack of 13,300 in from early position and faced resistance in Michael Dees in the small blind. Dees had the slightly bigger stack and flipped over QcQs, while Guillot could only show Ad10h. However, the board came As9d4s5c6d and Guillot doubled, leaving Dees on around 5,000.

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