Karran takes from Lech

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 2 13/84

Level 17: 2,000-4,000 / Ante 500

On the 6h4d3sJs turn, Mohan Karran checked and Michael Lech bet 17,500 on the button only to see Karran check-raise to 48,500. Lech called and the 10d fell on the river to see Karran bet 68,000. Lech elected to fold and dropped to around 180,000, while Karran is thriving with approximately 440,000.

Soon after, Akim El Allaoui shoved for his last 42,000 and claimed the blinds and antes.

On table six, Vincent Distribue limped from under the gun and Julien Bonnel filled up from the small blind. Arman Soltani squeezed to 21,500 in the big blind and Distribue moved all in. Bonnel quickly folded, and Soltani asked for a count, then folded when the shove was determined to be for 68,000.

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