Karkus Shoves Several Times

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Final Day 6/84

Level 20: 4,000-8,000 / Ante 1,000

Pierre Goetz raised to 17,000 on the button and Mario Eder defended the big blind. The Austrian check-called a bet worth 16,000 on he 10c6h5d flop before the 6c turn and 5h river were checked through. Eder showed Ac8c and that won the pot.

One hand later, Goetz made it 16,000 to go and Viktor Karkus moved all in out of the big blind. Goetz asked for a count, but folded once the shove was determined to be for 121,000. Karkus then raised to 23,000 out of the small blind the next hand and Mohan Karran folded in the big blind.

Fast forward one hand, Eder raised to 18,000 in the cutoff and Karkus shoved the button. Karran gave it some thought and reraised all in for around 350,000 and that got Eder out of the way.

Viktor Karkus: AcQd

Mohan Karran: AdQs

On the Jc7d6d flop, nothing much changed but the 8d turn provided a sweat. “Don’t do it,” Karkus said and the last person to do so got flushed one card later – it was Albert Lunenborg last night. However, the 7h river was a blank and the pot was chopped.

Karkus has been able to push his stack to around 160,000, while Goetz has 330,000 remaining.

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