Julien Bonnel Eliminated in 8th Place ($3,000)

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Final Day 7/84

Level 18: 2,500-5,000 / Ante 500

Julien Bonnel raised to 14,000 from the button and Mario Eder three-bet to 46,000 out of the small blind. Viktor Karkus folded the big blind and Bonnel then moved all in. Eder asked for a count and the total shove was for 128,500, which Eder called after brief consideration.

Julien Bonnel: QcJc

Mario Eder: 9c8c

“I had a nine,” Mohan Karran said and the board came 9d4d3h3s10h to eliminate Bonnel. Eder moved up to 550,000, taking over the lead from Karran.

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