Jacks for Goetz

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Final Day 7/84

Level 19: 3,000-6,000 / Ante 1,000

In the cutoff, Arman Soltani raised to 12,000 and Pierre Goetz three-bet to 36,000 on the button, which Soltani called. On the Qd6c2d flop, Soltani check-called a bet worth 30,000 and the 3d turn and 8d river were then checked through by both players.

“I have a pair,” Soltani announced and first showed the 2c followed by the Ac. Goetz had that beat with JhJc and claimed the pot to move back up to 235,000.

Soltani then raised to 12,000 one hand later and Vincent Distribue shoved for his last 43,500. The Canadian gave his opponent a quick stare down and elected to fold. Soltani has around 400,000 left now.

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