It is All About the Aces

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 12/134

Level 18: 2,500-5,000/500

Marvin Browne was all in for 10,500 and Agnello di Maio for 9,500. They were called by Vincent Distribue and Ray Carter, who checked down the board of KhQc8c8s10h. Di Maio turned over AcAd for aces in the second hand in a row. Browne only had Ah4c, while Distribue claimed the 2,000 side pot with 9c9h against the 6h3c of Carter in the big blind.

Fast forward one hand and di Maio was all in again … and would you have guessed his hand? Of course, aces again. This time he doubled with AhAd against the AcKd of Carter on a board of 10h9h3s9c7c. Carter has around 210,000 left while di Maio jumped from less than two big blinds to 95,000 in two hands.

The remaining 12 players have $560 guaranteed.

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