Huber vs Sanfilippo

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 8/9

Level 2: 50-100

Roland Huber had pushed pushed Aldo Sanfilippo out of a pot and the two would meet again the next hand, though with a slight twist. Four players limped in and Jean Claude Ben Moha raised to 400, all four opponents called. On the Kd8c5c flop, it was checked to Huber and he bet 1,000. Only Sanfilippo and Ben Moha in the big blind called.

After the 9h turn, Ben Moha checked and Huber continued for another 2,600, which only Sanfilippo called. Huber then checked in the dark and Sanfilippo checked behind the 8s on the river. Huber turned over Ks7s, which ended up second best to Sanfilippo’s KcJc. Both players now hold around the same stack with approximately 23,500.

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