Hodebarre Eliminated in 9th

$135 PLO Event 8/30

Level 14: 1,500-3,000

Tim Hicks forced a fold from Ramesh Jithwani in the last hand of the previous level to bump his stack to around 85,000. Then, the blinds moved up and Jithwani limped in, as did Hicks. On the button, Corinne Hodebarre moved all in for 17,000 and Charles Satterwhite reshoved for 44,000 in the small blind. Both Jithwani and Hicks quickly folded.

Corinne Hodebarre: KhKs4c2d

Charles Satterwhite: AcAs6d4h

The board came Jc8s10hAd4s and the set of aces scooped the pot for Satterwhite, eliminating Hodebarre in the process.

Soon after, Gary Ashdown was all in for just 6,000 and Tim Hicks reraised the pot to 22,500, all opponents folded.

“No way I gonna win this hand,” Hicks joked and tabled AcAdQh2c, while Ashdown was at risk with Qc5c5d5h. Indeed, the board came 10c7h4h8s7c and Ashdown turned a straight to double to 16,500.

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