Hicks Leaves Sellom and Staats Short; Staats Busts After

$365 PLO Event #19 Day 2 11/91

Level 16: 2,000-4,000

While Aroon Maharaj dropped to 30,000 after facing a bet of 25,000 into a loaded pot on the Qh 9c 4d 7h 8d river, there was also some action on the other table.

Christopher Staats had raised the pot from under the gun and William Hicks in the cutoff and Jonathan Sellom called in the small blind. On the 5d 4d 3d flop, action checked to Hicks and he bet the pot to force two folds and leave both Staats and Sellom with less than two big blinds.

The next hand, chip leader Martin Ryan raised the small blind and Staats called al in for 7,000 in the big blind.

Christopher Staats: 10s 9h 7c 3s

Martin Ryan: As Ad Qs 5d

The board came Kd 8s 6d 6h 9d and the river gave Staats a straight only for Ryan to make the nut flush.

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