Hicks Eliminated

$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 1 65/115

Level 8: 250-500 / Ante 75

William Hicks will have to re-enter if he wants to reach another final table in the $365 NLHE Event #22. After a four-way limped pot to the 8c 7s 5c flop, the small blind bet 1,500 and Hicks shoved for 1,975 from one seat over. The cutoff called and Tony Makhlouf (34,000) folded on the button.

The small blind also called and the duo checked down the As turn and 4c river. Hicks showed 7c 3d and the small blind had that beat with Js 7d.

Registration and re-entry period remain open until the start of level 10, so there is more than half an hour to go if someone wants to join the competition.

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