Hicks and Bosch Battle; Satterwhite Busts

$135 PLO Event 6/30

Level 15: 2,000-4,000

Four players invested 5,000 on the Kd7s2d flop and Peter Bosch then bet the 9h turn for 10,000 out of the small blind and just Tim Hicks called. Bosch bet again the Jd river and Hicks called. Bosch showed KsJc10s10c for two pair, while Hicks won the pot with 7d3d6c5c for a flush.

Soon after, Hicks bet the four-way flop of Kh10s8c for 16,000 and just Bosch called this time around. The 3d on the turn saw Hicks fire 40,000 and Bosch called, then Hicks checked the Kd river and instantly folded to the push of Bosch.

While those two battled and essentially traded chips, Frederic Maniez first doubled through Ramesh Jithwani and then knocked out Charles Satterwhite to bring the event to the money bubble. Maniez and Satterwhite both flopped a straight with 4-3 and a seven on the river gave the Frenchman a higher straight. Maniez continued the hot streak by taking another big pot off Hicks and suddenly went from almost zero to hero.

Peter Bosch – 160,000

Frederic Maniez – 145,000

Ramesh Jithwani – 90,000

Tim Hicks – 35,000

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