Herbert Triples; Maharaj Bubbles

$365 NLHE Event #35 7/68

Level 21: 5,000-10,000 / Ante 1,000

Christophe Bouziane raised to 31,000 and Kevin Eyster reraised from one seat over. Eric Herbert called all in for 14,000 on the button and Bouziane folded.

Herbert won the flip with 9h 9s against Ad Jd on a board of 10h 5d 3c Ks 8d.

Then, Aroon Maharaj was all in for less than two big blinds and Pierre Legrand called in the big blind.

Aroon Maharaj: Ad 9h

Pierre Legrand: 8c 5h

The board ran out 5s 4c 7h Jc 2d and Maharaj was crowned as bubble boy.

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