Hajszan Eliminated – Distribue with big Comeback

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 13/134

Level 18: 2,500-5,000/500

Peter Hajszan’s run eventually came to an end with 7s6d against the Ad10d of Agnello di Maio on a board of 10c5d6s9hJh.

Over on the other table, Marvin van Eyck check-folded out of the small blind on a flop of 4h3h2c to the shove of Jane Mignanelli, who bumped her stack to around 73,000 – van Eyck has around 87,000.

Fast forward just a minute, and Vincent Distribue faced two limpers and a raise to 20,000 by Nicolas Compingt. Distribue shoved for 29,000 with AhKs and Compingt ended up second-best with KdJc. But that was not all, because soon after, Distribue doubled through di Maio with Jc10c versus AdAc when the chips got in after a KhQh2c flop. On the 9c turn, Distribue completed his straight, and even made a flush with the Qc river.

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