Habassi Meets His Nemesis Again

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 30/49

Level 7: 200-400 / Ante 50

Joining the action on the KsKc5d7s turn, Belkacem Habassi checked out of the big blind and Howard Cheng-A-June in the cutoff bet 1,500, which Habassi called. He then announced a check in the dark “because you are dangerous.” The 4h fell on the river and action was on Cheng-A-June, who bet 10,000.

“How much is it?” Habassi asked. “You did it to me twice,” the Frenchman continued and eventually called. Cheng-A-June rolled over KdKh for flopped quads and a disgusted Habassi turned over AcAh … . Cheng-A-June moved to 68,000, while Habassi dropped to 32,000.

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