Guarantee Cracked – Quick Facts About Day 1c of the Warm Up

Level five of the 2017 TK Poker Tour Caribbean $250 Warm Up has just come to an end, and the screens show 54 entries, of which 42 remain. Along with the 71 entries of the previous days, this has generated a field of 125 already, cracking the initial guarantee of $20,000. Those numbers aren’t final yet though, because the registration and re-entry period remains available until the end of level nine.

Christophe Rosso was the first casualty of the day when he got his last 900 chips in after a raise and a call in level one. The small blind from one seat over reraised to 2,000 to isolate successfully with pocket aces and the queen-ten suited of Rosso failed to improve. Back then, there were just two tables running but that number quickly filled up to four tables with the arrival of several notables such as Stephen Saleh, Ramses Bislick, Frederic Maniez, Tim Hicks, Patrick Alain and Olivier Robveille. Saleh in fact jumped out of the plane, into his hotel room and then headed to Casino Royale to join the action.

Before the dinner break, Alain Bellahson joined the bigger stacks when he got it in with pocket eights versus pocket aces on an eight-high flop, Theodore Vives shipped his entire stack over to Bellahson. Right after dinner, Saleh sent a short stack to the rail with queens versus ace-nine and one hand later, Bislick eliminated the second player on table one in quick succession. The big blind got it in with 8c6c on a flop of 9c 4s 3c – Bislick had AcKc for the higher flush draw and both turn and river were blanks.

Especially in the upcoming levels, the eliminations and re-entries might pick up and the third and final starting day has by far the most players.

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