Griffith Doubles Four Times

$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 2 2/121

Level 23: 8,000-16,000 / Ante 2,000

Double Up 1

In the first hand, George Griffith got it in with the Kh 8d and Martin Ryan called with the 7c 6s. The board of Js 9h 4s 5d Qd was a tease, but ultimately blanked out to award the double to Griffith.

Double Up 2

After folding to a shove, Griffith then shoved for 74,000 with the Ah 6c and Ryan looked him up with Jh 9h. The board came 8s 5d 3h 3s 3d and the ace was good enough for another double.

Double Up 3

Ryan shoved once, then won a limped pot the hand after and then received a walk.

The next hand, Ryan limped in, Griffith shoved for 94,000 and Ryan called.

George Griffith: 6s 5c

Martin Ryan: Qd 2d

The board ran out Kd 6d 2s 7s 9h and Griffith doubled for the fourth time.

Double Up 4

Ryan raised to 36,000 and Griffith shoved, Ryan called.

George Griffith: Ah 4s

Martin Ryan: 6s 3s

The board ran out 10d 4d 4h 8d 9h and Griffith doubled for 208,000 to get back into the game.


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