Flanders Takes 4th Place

$135 PLO Event 3/30

Level 17: 4,000-8,000

Before the 10-minute break, Angelo Flanders was unable to bet Ramesh Jithwani out of a hand and dropped half of his stack before Peter Bosch took some chips off Jithwani when the latter folded to the third and final barrel on the board AhKcQh6c9c.

Back in action in the new level, Bosch limped in and Frederic Maniez limped the small blind. Flanders shoved for his last 32,000 in the big blind and both opponents called. The duo checked down the board Qd6h5d2h4c and Maniez showed Ad3cJh8s for a straight. Bosch mucked and Flanders briefly showed his Kc9c9h8d before heading to the payout desk in order to collect $1,050 for his efforts.

Right after that, the remaining trio traded chips in quick succession. First Maniez lost some chips to Jithwani when just calling with a rivered set of eights and being shown flopped top set of aces. Then, Bosch barreled through a board of KdKs6d6h3s and the final bet was 40,000. Jithwani called and showed Ac8d6s4d, which ended up second best to the Kh10h9c8c of Bosch.

One hand later, Bosch limped from the small blind and Jithwani raised to 24,000, Bosch called. On the Kc8c3s flop, Bosch bet 20,000 and folded to the pot-sized raise of his opponent, flashing Jc10c. Jithwani returned the favor and showed him AsAdKh3d.

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