Fireworks Between Elmazouni and Puglisi

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1a 68/72

Level 3: 75-150

Mohammed Elmazouni just recently arrived in the seat next to Peter Hajszan with his big stack and a massage girl followed. In the first hand, Charles Puglisi raised to 350 and Elmazouni called in the big blind. On the Js 9s 7c flop, the Dutchman checked and Puglisi continued for 425. Elmazouni check-raised to 2,000 and forced a fold.

Soon after, the two clashed again and it was fireworks all over. The flop showed Jd 4c 5d and Puglisi checked, Elmazouni made it 3,000 to go and then called the check-raise to 9,000. Both checked the Kc on the turn and Puglisi checked again the Qc river.

Elmazouni bet 13,000 and Puglisi quickly tossed in a chip for the call to see the Dutchman flip over Ad 4h, Puglisi claimed the pot with Qs 10s and moved up to 78,000. Elmazouni still has 69,000 with an average of just under 26,000 …

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