Final Chip Counts Warm Up Day 1b

There were a total of 33 unique players and two player opted to fire a second bullet for Day 1b of the 2017 TK Poker Tour Caribbean $250 Warm Up. While Christophe Rosso was eliminated for a second time, Vincent Distribue managed to get through and will be back for Day 2 on Sunday, March 19th as of 4 p.m. local time at the Casino Royale on Sint Maarten.

Early chip leader Willie Janssen ran out of steam and failed to bag up chips, he was joined on the rail by the likes of Jeremy Mannella, aforementioned Christophe Rosso, Christophe Enrici and Frederic Maniez. After 12 levels of 25 minutes each, Mohamed Mansour claimed the lead with 68,600, ahead of Vaea Profit (53,900). Dueval Fenton jumped in late after the dinner break and bagged up the third-biggest stack of Day 1b with 52,300

All those that were eliminated thus far can take another shot at the guaranteed prize pool of $20,000 on Day 1c as of 6 p.m. local time .

$250 Warm Up Day 1b final chip counts:

Position Player Country Chip Count
1 Mohamed Mansour Egypt 68,600
2 Vaea Profit Sint Maarten 53,900
3 Dueval Fenton Jamaica 52,300
4 Angelo Flanders Sint Maarten 51,600
5 Vincent Distribue France 50,500
6 Gerhard Wassenaar Sint Maarten 48,300
7 Marvin van Eyck Netherlands 37,500
8 Jozef O’Neil Sint Maarten 25,800
9 Claudie Nannini Sint Maarten 23,200
10 Ray Carter Canada 22,300
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