Entering Level Five

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 9/11

Level 5: 100-200 / Ante 25

At the end of level four, a small pot saw Julien Bonnel claim chips off Akim El Allaoui when he check-called out of the small blind for 1,400 on the Kc7d5c10c turn. The Qc river slowed both players down and they checked, Bonnel showed 8c6c and El Allaoui turned over his 7c4c for the inferior flush.

The level then moved up and Carlos Queiroz likely would have wished that their table change were to come one hand earlier. On the river of a board 5h4s7s8dAc, Queiroz called a bet worth 10,000 by Bonnel and was shown 9c6d for the nut straight by the Frenchman. Queiroz mucked the 6s and dropped to 15,500, while Bonnel jumped to 50,000.

Play continues with one nine-handed table, but any new entry would result in a second table being opened again.

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