Enrici Takes from Didier

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 83/114

Level 7: 200-400 / Ante 50

Christophe Enrici signed up after the dinner break and found himself on a table with Jean-Pierre Didier just now. On the 9h 6s 4d 4h turn, Didier bet 2,100 in the small blind and Enrici called in the cutoff. Didier then bet the 8s river for 6,000 and Enrici reluctantly called.

Didier tapped the table in defeat and showed Jc 10s for hack-high, which Enrici had beat with 8d 7d to claim the pot and 37,000 in chips. Didier fell to 45,000 as a result, though he remains above average.

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