Early Casualties of the First Two Levels

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 31/134

Level 15: 1,200-2,400/400

The first two levels of the day saw a total of eight players join the rail. Frederic Maniez was the first one quickly followed by Claudie Nannini, Pascale Bendavid and Arthur Thevenot. Thevenot lost a flip with KhQs against the 10c10s of Nicolas Compingt after the board ran out ten-high. Compingt bumped his stack up to around 80,000.

Then, Raj Jhangian lost the remainder of his tiny stack followed by the departure of Kevin Barnier on the same table.

In level 14, Mario Eder and Angelo Flanders were having a bad day and both bowed out. Jose Duzanson flopped the nut straight with ace-jack against Eder before Dueval Fenton won a flip with king-queen versus jacks against the Austrian as well. The last 11,600 went in with 10c8h and Vincent Distribue had AdQd – the board came Jd3c2sQh7h.

Right after, Flanders was involved in a three-way min-raised pot on a flop of Qc9c7s. Ray Carter moved all in for 37,200 and Flanders did so also for slightly more, Distribue folded. Carter showed 8c7c for bottom pair and flush draw, while Flanders had KsQs for top pair. Carter asked for a seven, Flanders for red cards. The 6h on the turn and 10h on the river were red cards indeed, but the wrong ones for Flanders as Carter made a straight. After the hand Carter was up to 90,000 and Flanders busted the next hand.

Chip leader early into Day 2 is Richard Smith on around 110,000. He flopped two pair, turned a full house and rivers quads aces with As9c on a board of AhJh9sAdAc. Matteo Goacard called down his bets to spot the bad news … and was left with around 25,000.

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