Down to Three Tables

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 21/134

Level 16: 1,500-3,000/500

The field has been reduced to the last 23 players and thus re-balanced at three tables. Among those to run out of chips were Dueval Fenton, Patrick Alain, Matteo Goacard, Belkacem Habassi, Mohamed Bourhaleb and Claude Bendavid.

Ricardo Cheng-A-June cracked the aces of Belkacem Habassi with pocket fives after the chips went in on a Kd9h5c flop. The Jh turn and 6s river were of no help and Habassi forked over more than 60,000 to Cheng-A-June. Both were then moved tables and Habassi found pocket nines only to see Cheng-A-June wake up with pocket aces! Cheng-A-June moved up to more than 240,000 as a result.

Dany Bailleux then got it in with Kh8s against the Ah8h of Mohamed Mansour when both players flopped two pair on AcKs8d – turn 4d and River 10c bricked. Once turning around and looking back, the dealer could all but smile and announce the next seat open. Ramses Bislick just got moved over there and lasted minutes before running out of chips.

There are 21 players left in the Warm Up, while the final preparations for the $175 TKPT Main Event Satellite are underway.

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