Down to the last Nine in the PLO Event

$135 PLO Event 9/30

Level 12: 800-1,600

Tim Hicks doubled up with a turned full house, kings over sixes, against the straight and flush draw of Ramesh Jithwani. Then, the fireworks started over on table one.

The hijack limped in and Thomas Kremser in the cutoff raised to 6,000. Corinne Hodebarre called in the small blind and the hijack moved all in for 22,300, Kremser called all in for 10,300 and Hodebarre called.

Thomas Kremser: AsKs9d8h

Hijack: KcKdJd10s

Corinne Hodebarre: AdJs8s8c

The board ran out Qs10h7c2h8d and the river gave Hodebarre a set of eights to eliminate both opponents and moved to around 80,000.

One table over, the two short stacks Jose Menalque and Angelo Flanders clashed. Menalque had AdAcJd10c and Flanders was trailing him with Ks9d9c8d, but spiked a straight on the board QsJh8hQh10h to reduce the field to the last nine.

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