Down to 7 as Distribue and Saleh Depart

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 7/134

Level 21: 5,000-10,000/1,000

Within quick succession, Vincent Distribue and Stephen Saleh have been eliminated while Jane Mignanelli doubled up her short stack.

Distribue defended his big blind against a raise by Ibrahim Binici on the cutoff and the duo checked the 5h5d7s flop and Ks turn. On the 3s river, Distribue shoved for more than 110,000 and Binici snap-called with 5c5s for flopped quads, Distribue was bluffing with Ah10s. That hand moved Binici up to more than 410,000.

Soon after, Mignanelli doubled for 37,000 with As6s against the Qh6h of Ray Carter, who dropped to 165,000.

The next hand, Saleh was all in for just 17,000 and Gerhard Wassenaar called in the big blind with Kh9h. Saleh had two live cards with QhJc, but was drawing dead on the turn og a board Kc3s3d6c10h.

The remaining seven players are now guaranteed at least $1,050 for their efforts.

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