Down to 29 Players

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 29/49

Level 8: 250-500 / Ante 50

The start of level eight saw the departure of Jozef O’Neil, who sent his stack over to Mohan Karran (now 60,000). There was another all in, but no call at almost the same time at a different table.

Big stack Arman Soltani had bet a heads-up flop of 8d5h3c for 6,600 after missing the vast majority of the last level and showing up fashionably late. There were around 8,000 in the pot and Belkacem Habassi moved in for a total of 26,750. Soltani thought about it for a long time and the clock was called on the Canadian, who eventually folded with one second left.

Soltani still has around 85,000, while Habassi bounced back to 40,000

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