Down to 19 Players

$135 PLO Event 19/30

Level 8: 300-600

While the next two eliminations may indicate a rather soon end of the tournament, the remaining 20 players have an average of more than 30,000 and that represents 50 big blinds in level eight.

It was Nicolas Salas who ran out of chips, and he was soon joined on the rail by Anastasios Chatzikamaris. Salas had KxJx8xXx against the Ad10d9d3h of Tim Hicks on a board of KdJs7s8h9h when the chips went in after turn.

The run good of Hicks didn’t last long though, he rivered the bottom straight against Angelo Flanders’ nut straight and lost almost half of the stack again to drop to around 35,000.

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