Double on the Bubble in Event #32

$365 NLHE Event #32 Day 2 13/96

Level 17: 2,000-4,000 / Ante 500

Christophe Bouziane survived an all in with 4c 4s, but remained one of the shortest stacks still.

Over on the other table, the flop showed 9s 6d 3s and a bet of 20,000 was ahead of Vincent Distribue. Charles Puglisi moved all in and Distribue called.

Vincent Distribue: 9d 9h

Charles Puglisi: 10d 10h

The 3h turn and 8d river failed to let the bubble burst and Distribue doubled for 62,800, Puglisi fell down to around 30,000. Not long ago, Distribue was in desperate mode and suddenly moved up to 150,000.

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