Double for Maniez, Drama for Wassenaar

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 2 31/84

Level 12: 600-1,200 / Ante 200

After several limpers, Arman Soltani raised to 5,600 and Frederic Maniez called, as did Keith Hart. On the Qc10s8c flop things escalated between Maniez and hart with the former showing Qd10d for top two, and the latter having AcQs for top pair and top kicker. The 4h turn and 6h river bricked and Maniez doubled to 75,000, while Hart had just the 20,000 left.

One table over, Gerhard Wassenaar was very loud, pondering about a big decision and almost screamed “you killed me with the river.” The board showed Qc10d5s4s10s and the pot was already very big, with around 75,000 in the middle. Ricardo Cheng-A-June shoved for his last 24,000 and Wassenaar tanked for several minutes before eventually calling it off with the KhKs. Cheng-A-June had 10h8h for trips tens and Wassenaar was left with less than 8,000.

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