Dinner Break with 10 Left

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 10/134

Level 19: 3,000-6,000/1,000

Nicolas Compingt was the last casualty before the dinner break. Almost even-stacked he got it in with Ac2s against fellow short stack Vincent Distribue and the fellow Frenchman looked him up with 10s10c. The board came Js9c8d10dAd and Compingt had to settle for 11th place after starting very well into the day.

Marvin van Eyck was also on his way out when being all in with As6c. Fellow Dutchman Gerhard Wassenaar had him dominated with AhKh, but actively rooted for a flush for his opponent as the board came Qc7c7s5c2c to indeed let van Eyck double. Wassenaar has around 55,000 left, van Eyck moved to 60,000.

The players then headed on a 60-minute dinner break and will be back around 9 p.m. local time.

Updated Counts:

Ray Carter – 398,000

Ricardo Cheng-A-June – 384,000

Richard Smith – 144,000

Ibrahim Binici – 136,000

Stephen Saleh – 122,000

Jane Mignanelli – 85,000

Vincent Distribue – 83,000

Pierre Goetz – 82,000

Gerhard Wassennaar – 75,000

Marvin van Eyck – 52,000

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