Dinner Break for Both Events

$365 NLHE Event #22 Day 2 5/121

Level 21: 5,000-10,000 / Ante 1,000

Martin Ryan and Ramon Baumbach are even in chips when the clock was stopped to send the players on a 75-minute dinner break. There will be 20 minutes left in the current level when action resumes.

Player Country Chip Count
George Griffith Barbados 294,000
Martin Ryan Trinidad & Tobago 367,000
Gerald Mortensen USA 255,000
Stevan Prager USA 158,000
Ramon Baumbach Switzerland 367,000

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1a 68/72

Level 3: 75-150

The first starting day of the Main Event has completed level three and the players are also on their dinner break. Mohammed Elmazouni shortened the time to grab some food for himself and Mohan Karran somewhat by creating more fireworks and betting all streets of a board 10c 9c 6d 6h 6s heavily. On the river, the Dutchman bet 31,000 to force a fold from his opponent and flashed the Ac.

Another eight levels of 40 minutes each are on the schedule for today and the event is on the way to cover the guarantee of $250,000. In one hour from now, a $250 Super Satellite for tomorrow’s Day 1b takes place and a Turbo version will get underway at 11 p.m. local time.

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