Didier is Having Some Fun

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 89/91

Level 3: 75-150

The multi-way pots seem to become a norm over on table two and it was Jean-Pierre Didier who took down two of them. In the first hand, Dennis Volz bet the Js 6c 3s flop for 1,700 into 7,000 and Didier shoved from one seat over to force a fold.

Soon after, four players headed to a flop of Jc9h 4c after Benjamin Perez had bumped it up preflop. Didier bet 3,500 out of the small blind for almost pot size and that got folds all around. Didier flashed king-jack for top pair and moved up to 74,000, while Perez is down to 11,200. Timothy Cavallin is back to around 20,000 after that massive clash early on.

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