Di Maio Runs into Aces to Bust

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 11/134

Level 19: 3,000-6,000/1,000

The drama continued for Agnello di Maio and the Italian eventually joined the rail after running into pocket aces. Di Maio raised to 18,000 and Ray Carter three-bet to 48,000 from two seats over. The Italian shoved for around 90,000 and was snap-called to immediately shake his head in disgust when spotting the AcAh of Carter. Di Maio only had AsKs and the board came up blank, showing 8c7d4dQc9d – Carter jumped into the lead with more than 370,000.

Soon after on the same table, Richard Smith check-called a shove out by Vincent Distribue of the big blind on a flop of 8s3s2s. Distribue was caught bluffing with Ah10c from under the gun, and Smith had 8c8d for top set. The 6h turn and 9s river were meaningless and Smith doubled for 69,000, leaving Distribue on just 43,000.

Jane Mignanelli also scored a double up on table one. She was all in for 49,500 on the Kc5h2h flop and Pierre Goetz quickly called with KdQc for top pair. Mignanelli only had JcJh and prayed for a jack. A blank 6c turn changed nothing, but the Js indeed appeared on the river – Goetz dropped to around 95,000. Mignanelli has more than that with now 125,000.

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