Cynthia Mahaffey Eliminated in 21st place ($3,600)

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 2 20/224

Level 19: 3,000-6,000 / Ante 1,000

Cynthia Mahaffey had survived the bubble with very few chips and even made a payjump, but now she eventually ran out of chips. Down to 18,000 she moved in from the small blind after a raise by Mohammed El Mazouni and the Dutchman called.

Cynthia Mahaffey: Ad Qh

Mohammed El Mazouni: 2s 2h

The board came 6d 4d 7c 9h 5d and the mighty ducks held up to eliminate Mahaffey in 21st place, El Mazouni increased his stack to 430,000.

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