Curcuru Doubles With Aces

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1a 40/93

Level 11: 500-1,000 / Ante 100

Peter Eichhardt missed out on a nice pot. After an open to 3,000, Vaea Profit called and so did Eichhardt with the Kd Qd in the cutoff. The big blind then shoved for 14,500 and Profit reshoved for slightly more. Eichhardt called it off to face the pocket jacks of Profit and the ace-jack of the big blind, but bricked the board completely and fell to 60,000.

Profit more than doubled and sent the other player to the rail, moving up to around 40,000.

John Curcuru scored a nice double against Kevin Eyster towards the end of the level. Eyster four-bet shoved into him and Curcuru snap-called for 28,400 with the As Ad. Eyster only had Jc Jd and the board came Ks 9s Kh 10h 10s to let the American double.

Eyster’s former big stack has melted to average with around 50,000 now.

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