Culbert Gone; Habassi Shoves into Adam

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 38/43

Level 3: 75-150

Arman Bosnakyan has one thing guaranteed all the other players on Day 1c don’t have just yet: Chips for Day 2. Bosnakyan played on Day 1a and bagged up less than starting stack, but opted to fire again on Day 1c in order to try and accumulate more chips.

Desmond Culbert will have to re-enter in order to do so, because he was just eliminated. And then there was another big pot played over on table seven. With plenty of chips already in and the board showing 9h4d6cAd, Jean Luc Adam bet 5,800. Belkacem Habassi moved in for his last 13,425 and Adam eventually folded with 20,800 left after the clock was called on him. Habassi offered to show his cards while raking in the pot but Adam showed no reaction, to see Habassi moved to around 35,000.

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