Compingt and van Eyck get Short

$250 Warm Up Day 2 – 11/134

Level 19: 3,000-6,000/1,000

In around 15 minutes, the players will head into a 60-minute dinner break and the final table of the last nine may be reached by then, or not. There are several short stacks and Nicolas Compingt as well as Marvin van Eyck just joined them after losing pots.

In a three-way pot to the 9d6c4s7c turn, Ricardo Cheng-A-June bet 25,000 and Compingt called, Richard Smith folded. The 10d fell on the river and Cheng-A-June bet 34,000, against Compingt called and then mucked when being shown 6d6s for a set. Cheng-A-June bumped his stack to around 350,000, while Compingt had 46,000 left.

On table one, Pierre Goetz defended his small blind against a raise to 18,000 by van Eyck. The duo checked the AsKd6d flop and the Qh turn. Goetz bet the 2c river for 22,000 and was called to table Ks10s, van Eyck mucked to leave himself with just 30,000.

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