Cesaro Busts in Spectacular Fashion

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1c 37/43

Level 3: 75-150

There was yet another massive hand taking place right at the end of level three and it would result in a three-way all in showdown and the elimination of Thomas Cesaro. The board showed Jd8d2d9dJs and Cesaro’s hopes of a tripled up were quite valid, as he held Jh8h for a full house.

He had Arthur Thevenot’s AdKd for the flopped nut flush beat, but there was one further opponent to get through. That was Albert Balayn, who had turned a straight flush with 10d7d!!! Cesaro was gone and Balayn moved to around 57,000, while Thevenot had 7,000 left.

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