Cavazzini Busts with Aces

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1a 49/50

Level 1: 25-50

There was already some previous three-bet action between Augusto Cavazzini and Charles Puglisi. Then, a four-bet to 1,275 by Puglisi was paid by Cavazzini and the flop came 9c 7s 3s, Puglisi had checked in the dark and Cavazzini bet 1,300, Puglisi raised to 3,000 and was called.

After the 3h turn, Puglisi bet 6,800 and Cavazzini raised to 17,000 for most of his stack. Puglisi moved in and was called by Cavazzini with aces to flip over his 7d 7h for a full house. A blank 2h on the river resulted in the first seat open of the day and Puglisi suddenly had 50,000.

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