Cavallin Doubles Through Treccarichi

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 3 3/224

Level 26: 15,000-30,000 / Ante 5,000

After a few small hands at the start of the level, the big clash suddenly emerged in a battle of the blinds between Timothy Cavallin and Walter Treccarichi.

Cavallin limped in, Treccarichi raised to 105,000 and Cavallin reraised to 230,000, Treccarichi called.

After the 9c 7s 6d flop, Cavallin bet 150,000 and Treccarichi raised to 450,000 before Cavallin moved all in soon after, Treccarichi snap-called.

Timothy Cavallin: Kd Ks

Walter Treccarichi: 6s 6c

The 8d on the turn provided some chop outs, while the Kh on the river let Cavallin erupt and double for massive 1,485,000. Treccarichi fell to 1,115,000 while Cavallin moved up to 3,325,000.

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