Browne vs Rubinstein

$1,675 NLHE Event #25 Day 1b 73/121

Level 9: 300-600 / Ante 100

Craig Rubinstein and Marvin Browne are the biggest stacks at their table and just got involved in a pot. Rubinstein raised to 1,300 and Browne, Peter Hajszan as well as Shawn Rice in the small blind came along.

On the flop of Ks 3c 2d, Rubinstein continued for 2,600 and just Browne was interested in the pot and raised to 5,200. Rubinstein was the only caller and the 4s appeared on the turn. Rubinstein checked and Browne bet 7,800 to win the pot uncontested. Robert Cheung inquired about seeing one card and Browne let him pull the Jd out of the near muck.

Rubinstein remained on 140,000, while Browne now has 110,000.

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