Bosnakyan Shoves into Queiroz

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 5/11

Level 11: 500-1,000 / Ante 100

Carlos Queiroz raised to 2,500 and Akin El Allaoui three-bet to 6,000 on the button, which Queiroz called. On the Jc7s2s flop, Queiroz checked and folded AsQd face up when being faced with a bet worth 10,000. El Allaoui returned the favor and showed KcKs.

One hand later, Daivy Ramssany limped the button and Arman Bosnakyan limped the small blind, Queiroz checked. On the 9c8d5h flop, Bosnakyan bet 3,000 and Queiroz was the sole caller. The Canadian pushed the 2c turn for around 9,000 and Queiroz folded 8s7h.

Queiroz also folded Ks10s face up on a flop of Js10d8d when Julien Bonnel bet 4,000, then open-shoved the button the next hand for more than 28 big blinds. “If I call, I lose,” he added after the hand was over – Queiroz had revealed Ah9h.

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