Bosch Takes Over

$135 PLO Event 3/30

Level 18: 5,000-10,000

On the Js10s5d6c turn, Peter Bosch bet 20,000 in the small blind and Ramesh Jithwani called in the big blind, Frederic Maniez did so as well from the button. The 8s fell on the river and Bosch’s next bet worth 75,000 went through without resistance, Bosch flashed As2s for the nut flush.

One hand later, the flop of 5c3s2c was checked. On the Jd turn, Bosch bet 20,000 and just Jithwani called. On the 4d river, the same action took place and Bosch turned over Js2sKd9h for jacks and deuces. Jithwani mucked 8d7s5d4s for fives and fours.

Peter Bosch – 400,000

Frederic Maniez – 140,000

Ramesh Jithwani – 60,000

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