Bonnel Trending Downwards

$1,150 TKPT Main Event Day 1a 7/11

Level 7: 200-400 / Ante 50

The new level hasn’t started well for Julien Bonnel and the Frenchman dropped down all the way to just 28,000, while Akim El Allaoui managed to get past him with around 32,000. Arman Bosnakyan is the one trending up the most, as the Canadian now has 60,000.

Three players limped and Stephane Genet raised to 2,000, picking up three callers. Daivy Ramssany bet the QhJd9c flop for 5,000 and that forced folds all around. One hand later, Bonnel and Carlos Queiroz chopped a pot with 5c4c vs 6d4h on a board of 8c4s3s10d10c before Bosnakyan won a middle-sized pot with AdQh against two opponents.

Last but not least, El Allaoui raised to 1,050 and Queiroz on the button as well as Bonnel in the small blind called. On the Qd9c5d flop, Bonnel checked and El Allaoui bet 2,400, which only Queiroz called. The 10d turn went check, check, and El Allaoui’s bet of 2,400 on the 6d river did the trick to claim the pot uncontested.

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